Storyteller | Social Media | Tech Advocate | FinServ Professional

Andray Domise, DirectorMaking an impact in the communities to which I belong, runs deeply through my life and my work. I work in these three spaces - tech, media, and Finserv - because I understand the importance of boosting marginalized voices in spaces where we influence consumption, but face obstacles to creation. I am working toward a future where the tech, media, and financial industries are forces of unanimously positive social change.

As a storyteller and journalist, I've published essays on everything from policing and racial profiling, to the narrative structure of video games, to the history of US-Haiti relations. I am often called on to speak on radio and television regarding race, pop culture, politics, and history. As the co-founder of a tech nonprofit, I've taken an idea from notes on a whiteboard to a full-fledged mentorship program supported by the city of Toronto. As a FinServ professional, I've managed accounts, resolved high-level disputes, and helped administer best practices among enterprise-level sales teams. I've helped youth of diverse backgrounds learn and create within the tech space through collaborations with professionals in the gaming and web development industries.