Publicity Associate

Camille Dundas, Director

Kezia is a graduate from McMaster University with an Honors BA in Communications and Multimedia. In 2003 Kezia founded a registered charity named New Generation Outreach with a mission to address social issues through the arts. Kezia was able to cultivate relationships and become partners with Toronto Police’s Empowered Student partnership initiative, TCDSB, TDSB, and Pathways to education.

Currently, Kezia is a freelance writer for professionals, and publications such as ByBlacks magazine; and an event project manager for Konvo media. Her interests are equity, diversity, inclusion, entertainment, and music.

When Kezia is not writing, or working events, she is finding inspiration living her best life, raising her son and spending quality time with family and friends. One of Kezia’s favourite sayings is “It takes a village”; meaning nothing great can be accomplished by one man alone.