Stories that matter aren't just important, they're essential.

In a cluttered market, compelling stories are the most effective way
for us to connect you and your
brand with influential audiences.

We are passionate about telling stories, building brands, and developing approaches that
generate news conversations and buzz.

It's what we do best.
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Konvo Media Project - Revenge of the Black Best Friend

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Need a social storyteller, digital marketer, journalist, producer, publisher, writer, media relations specialist, public speaker or trainer? As seasoned professionals joining forces, offering a combined work history of over 60 years of experience, we bring it all to the table. We are ready to create an impact and make a difference for our clients
Stories that matter aren't just important, they are essential.


Excellent Business Solutions

Branding | Website Design

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings

Branding | Website Design

Lost & Found | Pandemic Stories

PR Campaign

Theatre Gargantua - The Flight

PR Campaign

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Konvo Media Inc - Olunike Adeliyi


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Since 2018, our publicity team has worked with over 30 clients and generated the media results above.