Irreverent Speaker, Coach Consultant and Author Dionne England Releases Perform, Despite Feeling Overwhelmed, which provides sustainable solutions for workplace survival

“We manage our careers and our life. I urge us to proactively design the life that we want. We can intentionally decide how we plan to maneuver all of the responsibilities in our lives, both professional and personal.” Dionne England, Author: Overwhelm, 2023

TORONTO (August 10, 2023) - Toronto-based speaker, coach, and author Dionne England released her latest book, Perform, Despite Feeling Overwhelmed, an irreverent and practical guidebook filled with sustainable solutions for survival in today’s workplace. The book, which follows prior publication from England’s “@ Work” series and, continues the author’s ongoing conversations about tangible, accountable and accessible ways to thrive professionally, despite the current climate of massive societal shifts and productivity pressures. 

England, who is a highly sought after coach consultant and speaker, has an over 30 year career in finance, including inside corporate Canada, and various industry leadership roles. Known for delivering a powerful, humour and empathy filled approach to career management, England infuses her learnings with thought-provoking life experiences to help her clients freely and authentically pursue their respective crafts and individuality. As Principal of DWS Consulting, England regularly shares her work and leadership advice across multiple social media platforms, with book reviews, industry and leadership interviews, and expertise insights on navigating the heavy work  of corporate career planning.  

This includes live, 15 minute book reviews via LinkedIn; and the popular “My Lemonade Stand” series, available on YouTube. Dionne’s bookclub and workshop services are available for bookings via DWS Consulting.

Guided by a gentle, but no nonsense approach, the book is informed by Dionne’s signature candid style, and chapters highlight topics including: asking for help, self-care, setting boundaries, and finding ways to have fun on a regular basis.

“Dionne England spoke with our GettingItDone January 2022 MBA class, and was the highest rated speaker of the course. She delivered incredibly valuable content to our students in a very dynamic, authentic and compelling way. They loved her!” Kelly Murumets, Adjunct Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

“In a post-covid reality, workloads are not likely to lessen anytime soon. However, when we’re overwhelmed, it’s impossible to do our best work. In a post-covid work reality, how we treat ourselves has fallen by the wayside to the peril of our productivity outcomes. Perform, Despite Feeling Overwhelmed offers important solutions and achievable means to realize said solutions. Let’s take care of ourselves so that we can live fully, do our best work, and make ourselves available for all the important people in our lives,” Dionne England, Principal DWS Consulting

Perform, Despite Feeling Overwhelmed is available via Amazon Books.


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